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Showcase menu items in the best light with Solo Highlights bowls and lids. Solo Highlightsare perfect for serving salads, fresh fruit, desserts or any cold menu item in-house or to-go. Highlights bowls and lids are available in black and clear options. Black-bottom bowls offer a premium, upscale look, while the clear bottoms display foods easily and allow operators to merchandise enticing menu items. Also, Highlights pedestal bowl design is easy to eat from and is stackable, providing a valuable storage-saving solution for the back of the house. Solo Highlights bowls and lids are conveniently available in a range of 8-ounce to 64-ounce sizes, which allow operators to offer a variety of size options for all their cold entrÈe items, including small side items and large entrÈe-sized salads. Solo Highlights also come with tightly fitting flat and dome lids that offer added security against messy spills.

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