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Silver Creek Technologies has created its Sysdine People Resource Management software to help employers find the best-suited employees for their businesses. SysdineXL as part of Sysdine 8.0 arrives with a number of important new features, adding to its power and ease of use. In Values-Based Hiring, attitude survey results for each applicant are now reported in a simple, graphical, one-page summary. Separate guidance is provided for the applicants likelihood to be a long-termemployee, and their likelihood to become a high-performance employee. SysdineXL uses peer review results, plus actual employee longevity, to recalibrate Values-Based Hiring profiles for a company’s own workforce, geography and industry. A manager can now enter and track a performance plan for each employee, covering the action items for improvement to which the manager and employee agreed during a peer review session. A demonstration of the software can be viewed at the company’s Web site.

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