New Edge Networks

New Edge Networks

New Edge Networks is building a network of direct connectionsto various back-office online solutions providers including payment processors,payroll services, health benefits management companies, IT help desks, kiosks,digital video display or monitoring services and ATM network providers. By usingdirect connections to pre-determined suppliers, retailers avoid installing andpaying for separate dedicated connections to the same firms, or through thosefirms’ headquarters where most companies aggregate and send traffic to theirsuppliers. Once on New Edge’s nationwide network, retailers cross-connect totheir key suppliers and clearinghouses over a secure, private network.

Benefits: Direct connections, which are included in the price of NewEdge’s broadband networks, allow retailers to:

  • Connect directly to key vendors for improved operational efficiency
  • Support low-latency, high-bandwidth retail applications
  • Save costs by eliminating extra bandwidth at headquarters
  • Reduce labor costs by minimizing management of multiple connections at thecorporate office
  • Gain redundancy by eliminating single points of failure
  • Add security with direct transport of POS traffic to your payment processor(s)

Contact information: New Edge Networks
3000 Columbia House Blvd.
Suite 106
Vancouver, WA 98661-2969
866-636-EDGE (3343)


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