Money Managing

Money Managing

PerfectCash has been described as a "pumped up" version of FireKing Security Group’s Autobank safe/bill validator/cash handling system. Ideal for operators such as large travel centers located on an interstate highway; and/or c-stores that are open 24 hours, PerfectCash accepts notes in bulk form—up to 25 inserted at once—and the canister handles up to 2,000 notes in a single validator. It has a coin capacity of 400 rolls and dispenses notes out of a vending system like an ATM—flat notes in a batch, not rolled up. PerfectCash is a completely scalable, modular system that has a graphical user interface (GUI) up to today’s standard and a touchscreen application. Added controls include fingerprint authorization, mag stripe card authorization, smart key authorization, PIN code authorization or any combination of these. For c-stores that do not fit the high-volume mode of operation, FireKing Security Group still offers Autobank systems a cost-effective, cash-handling solution—one that the company will install, train on and service.

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