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Jack Links new Marinated Tender Cuts recipes are made from lean slices of beef, pork and chicken, marinated in special blends of sauces and seasonings, and slow-cooked for a tenderness and flavor reminiscent of favorite restaurant menu selections. Jack Links Marinated Tender Cuts are available in three mouth-watering flavor profiles: Prime Rib Flavor Marinated Tender Cuts, Chicken Fajita Marinated Tender Cuts and KC Masterpiece Barbecue Pork Marinated Tender Cuts. These restaurant-inspired snacks will satisfy consumers cravings for flavorful, meal-time options while on the go. Plus, they are naturally low in fat, calories and carbohydrates, while high in protein—and they dont require refrigeration. Conveniently packaged in satisfying 3.5-ounce resealable pouches, Marinated Tender Cuts are available in a 12-count tray, 30-count case or on a 6-count clip strip with a $4.99 SRP per unit.

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