Marketfare Foods

Marketfare Foods

MarketFare Foods helps retailers meet consumers’ fish cravings with popular AllStars brand and gourmet Bistro-To-Go brand Fish & Cheese sandwiches. The AllStar Fish & cheese is a 5-oz. sandwich featuring a golden, breaded pattie of mild white fish, topped with a slice of American cheese. A soft, sesame seed bun helps to satisfy the biggest appetites. Ready to eat in just a few short minutes, each sandwich comes in packaging that showcases attractive Americana-style graphics to help drive impulse sales. The AllStars Fish & Cheese Sandwich comes in a 10-pack case. The Bistro-To-Go brand Fish & Cheese Sandwich adds just the right touch of gourmet with a delicious, breaded fish filet on a soft, gourmet sesame seed bun. Made with 100% Cod, coasted with a crisp, golden breading, each filet is topped with a generous slice of creamy American cheese. Available in 6-pack retail cases, the 5.7-oz. gourmet sandwiches are individually packaged with a creamy tartar sauce packet to add a delectable finishing touch.

MarketFare Foods


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