Mark Vii Equipment Llc

Mark Vii Equipment Llc

The AquaJet GT series of carwashes embodies everythingMark VII has learned over 40 years of building automatic, touch-free systems.These machines provide the highest-quality touch-free wash available at a competitiveprice. Simplified maintenance, outstanding reliability and future expandabilityare all part of the design. They also use less water and wash at a higher speedthan many competing systems. This combination of affordable initial investment,low operational costs and fast, high-quality washes helps retailers make moremoney faster.

Lower volume sites looking for the same high reliability for which the AquaJet GT series is known should consider the AquaJet GT-300 or AquaJet GTO-300. They have proven to be the ideal solution for sites with aging systems that need an economical upgrade. The GT-300 (with onboard pumping plant) and GTO-300 (with off-board pumping plant) leverage the proven technology of Mark VII’s high-end models to provide best-in-class speed and operating costs.

Contact information: Mark VII Equipment LLC
5981 Tennyson Street
Arvada, CO 80003
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