Henny Penny

Henny Penny

Retailers can position hot prepackaged meals practically anywhere in the store with Henny Penny’s new Space-Saver HEC hot express cases. Adding to the HEC line, the new HEC-123 and HEC-124 are shorter space-saving units are designed as upright units to save on floor space and to increase merchandising impact and flexibility. They can be used as well units or aisle end caps. The Henny Penny hot express units feature a stainless steel cabinet with glass sidewalls in a sleek curved profile. The front is open for self-service with two deep 20" adjustable shelves that hold more product and require less restocking. High-efficiency shelf heaters help maintain ideal product temperatures. Operation and temperature for each shelf heater can be controlled independently-a significant advancement over most equivalent units. Mirrored stainless steel back wall provides more uniform lighting and enhances the overall product display and the bottom deck sits higher for better ergonomics.

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