Handy Payments

Handy Payments

Pay By Touch is the global leader of biometric authentication, personalized rewards and payment solutions. Pay By Touch’s patented biometric authentication platform is the basis for a suite of services that let shoppers uniquely identify themselves with the touch of a finger. More than 2,000 locations and over 2.3 million consumers are using Pay By Touch’s biometric authentication products to date. With Pay By Touch Wallet, consumers are immediately linked to their financial accounts, personal identification information and membership/loyalty accounts with the touch of a finger on a scanner. No checks, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, cash or IDs are necessary. Pay By Touch’s personalized rewards products and services allow retailers to build world-class customer loyalty. For personalized promotions, in-store biometrically accessed kiosks provide shoppers with personalized savings to achieve true one-to-one relationships that deliver savings relevantly and on the things they buy most. Or, shoppers can choose to access savings before they arrive at the store, via cell phone or e-mail. Pay By Touch provides the most efficient and secure technology to capture and manage opt-in customer data to help retailers manage reward-marketing programs for their shoppers.

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