Gum on the Rocks

Gum on the Rocks

The Hershey Co. has seized share leadership in the mint category. Crediting success to breakthrough innovations like IceBreakers Liquid Ice, IceBreakers Sours and BreathSavers 3 Hour Mints, Hershey’s is now bringing innovation to the gum arena with the introduction of IceBreakers Ice Cubes. IceBreakers Ice Cubes is a patented new Ice Cube gum that delivers an instant cold sensation. Frosted with a proprietary process, sugar-free IceBreakers Ice Cubes are an extra-cold and refreshing new alternative to stick and shell gum offerings. The cube shape, reflective of an ice cube, reinforces its refreshing, ultra-cold product benefits. IceBreakers Ice Cubes are available in spearmint and peppermint.

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