FireKing® Security Group

FireKing® Security Group

FireKing Security Group (FKSG) worksto help convenience store operators improve their bottom line by decreasingcashhandling costs. Certain costs are a given, such as 3% per-transaction creditcard fees. But that’s exactly why FKSG seeks to give as much control back toc-stores as possible. Any and all potential financial drains associated withcstore operations have been examined and combated by FKSG’s extensive line ofsecurity products. Ranging from simple drop safes to advanced POS integrationsystems, FKSG’s technology provides welcomed solutions to employee theft, robbery,burglary, armored car fees, bank fees, lost deposits and labor costs.

Contact information: FireKing Security Group
101 Security Parkway
New Albany, IN 47150
Steve Aronson, Director of Marketing


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