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International Paper’s (IP) Smart Packaging business has partnered with Cascade Corp. to offer RFID-Ready clamp truck solutions, offering customers the opportunity to achieve reliable product reads through IP’s RFID-ready trucks. The clamp attachments are installed with integrated RFID readers, antennae and respective cabling. IP Smart Packaging designs the specific RFID solution while the partnership works to engineer the components. The integrated RFID clamp truck solutions can be used to improve accuracy, reduce lost shipments and improve overall supply chains, while eliminating the need for RFID portals at every dock door. The RFID-Ready clamp trucks consist of rugged readers and locator technology for surviving tough environments. The trucks read Electronic Product Code (EPC) pallet and product tags and track every product movement in the warehouse. The trucks even monitor and report their own location and status information in real-time through wireless messaging.

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