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Description: FACTOR’s StoreTrak utilizes the newest generation of applicationdevelopment from Microsoft to provide all the solutions necessary for a firmfoundation. Via an online interface, StoreTrak allows the home office and allstores to work together, on the same system—using the same data. The cumbersomeprocess of uploading data from the Store PCs to the Home Office has been completelyeliminated. Instead, this system provides realtime access from the retail locationsand the home office into StoreTrak’s data.

The StoreTrak database server also hosts corporate financial data on the FACTOR ExecuTrak system. StoreTrak data is placed alongside existing ExecuTrak data in one central area with full integration and easy access. At the store level, a PC uses a Web browser and a secure Internet connection to access all StoreTrak applications and data. The store PC can also transfer data to and from the POS.

With the new browser-based StoreTrak, the Internet and its "no boundaries, no limits" capabilities are retailers’ most valuable assets.

  • Sales data, price changes & updates are immediately available.
  • Merchandise receipts paid with money orders are automatically posted inthe money order.
  • Web-based applications, used in conjunction with broadband Internet connections,virtually eliminate phone line and other communications issues.

Contact information: FACTOR
3030 NW Expressway, 15th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Ted Elston, Vice President of Marketing


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