Extra flavor

Extra flavor

HoshizakiAmerica Inc. introduces the Opti-Serve Cubelet Ice and Water Dispenser Serieshands-free operational units, the largest of which can produce up to 803 lbs.of ice within 24 hours. The Opti-Serve Dispenser produces chewable, dry cubeletice and is stored in a sanitary built-in bin. Designed for dependability, theycan store up to 95 lbs. of ice. The selfcontained design reduces opportunitiesfor cross-contamination and the exclusive CleanCycle12 design featured on theDCM-500 and DCM-750 performs a 15-minute flush every 12 hours, which washesaway impurities.

Hoshizaki America Inc., 800-438-6087, www.hoshizaki.com


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