ExaDigm, Inc., innovator of wireless and wired point-of-sale (POS) terminal solutions announced the launch of the XD2000, the next generation of the popular Mate Plus POS terminal. With its unique modular format and interchangeable modems supporting IP (Ethernet), WiFi, Cellular and Dial-Up connections, the XD2000 offers speed, portability, mobility, changeability and universal connectivity to a wide range of industries. Featuring a fully modular design and PC-based Linux operating system, the XD2000 provides a single terminal platform that offers multiple connectivity options, easy software upgrades and enhancement, and simple configuration to adapt to new technologies. The system is based on the same versatile design concept as its predecessor, the Mate Plus, which features the ability for the terminal to be equally efficient as a desktop unit or as a hand-held, mobile device. The first in the new XD Terminal line, the XD2000 delivers a solution that is easier, faster and ultimately cheaper.



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