Everything Is Gel-ing


Master-Bilt introduces its new American-made GEL series gelato case. The new GEL series features a top-hinged front display door that stays in place at whatever point its raised, which allows for easy cleaning and helps prevent corrosion problems. Additionally, the evaporator coil is concealed to avoid spillage and possible premature refrigeration system failure. GEL gelato cases come in three models: GEL-6 (6 pans wide), GEL-9 (9 pans wide), and GEL-12 (12 pans wide), all of which are 2 pans deep. The cases can use 5-liter pans or USA standard 1/3, 1/2 and full pans or three-gallon tubs. GEL-6 refrigeration systems will contain one condensing unit while the GEL-9 and GEL-12 will contain two. Semi-hermetic compressor(s) are standard in all systems. The sliding rear door on the back of the case allows easy employee access to the product.

The cases come in standard black finish with a stainless steel front panel.Optional color finishes and laminates are available and merchandisers will shipfully assembled to make installation as easy as possible.

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