Earthy Jerky

Jack Link’s Beef Jerkyis giving health conscious consumers more of a good thing by introducing anew organic line of beef jerky products. Jack Link’s new Organic Beef Jerky offers consumers a flavorful and satisfying taste experience, while meeting their growing demand for organic, convenient snack foods. New flavors include: Original Organic Beef Jerky, Peppered Organic Beef Jerky and Teriyaki Organic Beef Jerky. The products are made with premium cuts of tender, 100% beef, naturally seasoned and smoked, and certified-organic with no preservatives, MSG or nitrites added. This innovative line is available in 3-ounce bags, 8-count open stock cases, 12-count display trays and 6-count clip strip cases. Suggested retail pricing for a 3-ounce package is $6.99. For More Information from Jack Link’s Beef Jerky




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