Dresser Wayne

Dresser Wayne

New Ultra High Capacity (HC) models are now available for Dresser Wayne’s popular Select line of fleet fuel dispensers, enabling large commercial vehicles to spend less time at the pump and more time on the road. With a maximum flow rate of 60 GPM (gallons per minute), the new Select UHC dispensers are available in singles, single-product twins, two-product twins, single and twin satellites, and a master/satellite combination unit. A new two-hose, single-sided version allows two grades or types of fuel to be offered at one fueling point, or allows for quicker refueling of trucks with twin saddle tanks on each side. Unique dual internal 40 GPM filters (80 GPM capacity) help maintain optimal flow performance while ensuring fuel purity-a particular concern for vehicles with new high pressure diesel engines. The durable dispensers also utilize two field-proven components, a Liquid Controls M-5 high flow meter and Dresser Wayne’s iGEM electronics platform, to help maximize efficiency, security and uptime. Also standard in the models: an electronic calibration feature, user status display, electromechanical totalizer, display backup, lighted brand panel and hinged doors for easy access.

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