Deli Casing


Federal Industries released its new Refrigerated Maxi Deli Merchandiser Line. The new state-of-the-art refrigerated deli case comes in two different styles—High Volume Refrigerated Maxi Deli and Curved Glass Refrigerated Maxi Deli—and can be used to stand alone or for continuous lineup. The High Volume Refrigerated Maxi Deli features straight glass with the added benefitof high visibility and classy presentation for cold deli products; the Curved Glass Refrigerated Maxi Deli features sleek-curved glass for an enticing cold deli presentation. Both styles accept full-size deli-risers, and include lighted mezzanine shelves, stainless steel exterior finishes and decorative end panels. Available in 4′, 6′, 8′ and 10′, the cases can be serviced quickly and easily with fold-down rear wrapping boards, an adjustable mezzanine shelf and double-dutybottom refrigerated storage. Federal’s engineered climate-control system makes it much easier to maintain a perfect balance of temperature and humidity to keep deli products visually appealing. For more information from Federal Industries, 608-424-3331


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