Cooking on a Tilt


Cleveland Range Inc. introduces new ultra-efficient tilting skillets to its Short Series line, which combines powerful yet energy-saving cooking with low-height convenience. With a 35″ rim height, 10 degree  tilt feature and open base, the T-1 Short Series tilting skillets allow easy access for both cooking and cleaning. Exclusive value-added features include an ultra-efficient power burner (forced air) gas combustion system with 160,000 Btu standard power and a 200,000 Btu high-power setting for superior heat-up and recovery times. Precise, “splash-proof” electronic temperature controls assure accurate and consistent heating and worry-free cleaning. Cleveland T-1 Short Series skillets are available in 30-gallon and 40-gallon capacities with easy-to-turn manual crank tilt; it is also available in optional power tilt models with manual override.

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