Coffee control

Coffee control

Bunnis expanding its BrewWISE system for gourmet coffee brewing with the additionof the Multi-Hopper Grinder (MHG) and a storage system for its removable coffeebean hoppers. The BrewWISE system offers simple control over the brewing process,consistency from location to location, and safety for its users. The MHG isequipped with two front-loading removable hoppers that each hold up to 6 lbs.of regular, decaf or specialty beans. The removable Smart Hopper uses a computerchip to store individual grind weight profiles for the coffee inside, eliminatingthe need for the person brewing the coffee to remember specific recipes. Controlover the brewing process comes from brewer features like preinfusion and Pulse-Brew,digital temperature control, a large sprayhead and variable bypass. The Dualor Single TF DBC brewer stores individual coffee recipes so the operator caneasily brew many different varieties.

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