Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp. (CSC) continues innovating with the release of Double-sided Metal Merchandising Strips. Attach them to steel shelving systems with a Price Channel Adapter (DSH-88) and expose merchandise to both directions of the selling aisle. At the same time, CSC’s Double-Sided Merchandise Strips double the capacity of conventional metal merchandising strips within the same amount of space. Now you can double the amount of product on display and double the exposure to the consumer. The MSDB-32 is 15-inch long and has 12 mtg. positions. The MSDB-58 is 31-inches long and has 24 mtg. positions. Constructed of durable, 3/16-inch diameter steel wire and welded genuine coil spring clips, they are strong enough to display a range of heavier and bulkier items-well beyond the capacity of conventional plastic strips. Finished in an off-white powder-coat, the Double-Sided Metal Merchandising Strips will complement the majority of gondola systems in use by retailers throughout the country. Pay a little more than you would for standard metal strips, and get double the capacity and double the exposure. Free samples are available upon request.

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