Boyds Interprets a Latin American Favorite

Boyds Interprets a Latin American Favorite

Boyds Coffee Company introduces Dulce de Leche Frozen Cappuccino, the newest addition to the Coffee House Freezers line. A leader in frozen beverage innovation, Boyd Coffee Company is also the Northwest’s oldest family-owned coffee company and its largest specialty coffee roaster. Dulce de Leche is available at wholesale and retail prices and can be purchased online at or by calling 800-545-4077.                                                                                                                                 


















“Dulce de Leche has been a Latin American favorite for generations,” said John Farrar, head of product development with Boyds Coffee Company.                                                                                                                                                                        






This flavor recently became one of the hottest trends in the mainstream foodservice industry. Farrar said BOYDS is excited to offer its interpretation of this classic combination and is certain its customers will love it, too.                                                                              

BOYDS Dulce de Leche Frozen Cappuccinos offer this favorite Latin American flavor combination of velvety smooth cream and rich caramel in a new form – a delicious frozen beverage. Pronounced dool say day lay chay, it is Spanish for sweetened milk. The flavor is rich and exotic, tapping into consumers’ desire for ethnic trends, foods and tastes. C-store operators already find Coffee House Freezers frozen cappuccinos and smoothies remarkably easy and cost-efficient to use.

About Boyd Coffee Company

Boyd Coffee Company offers more than 650 coffee and food items, and is headquartered on a 30-acre site just east of Portland, Oregon.





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