Better Buying

Information and store management can be made simpler for c-store owners and petroleum retailers.

DTN introduces DTN Fuel Buyer, a real-time market information service designed to support profitable fuel buying and reselling decisions. DTN Fuel Buyer provides instant access to supplier price messaging from DTN DataConnect, rack and spot price discovery as well as analysis, industry news, weather and market information-all located on one convenient screen. DTN Fuel Buyer increases reaction time to sudden changes in volatile markets through integrated views of all posted rack prices. Competitive price analysis tools rank all suppliers in the market, while market news, weather and market information give buyers an additional edge. Price alerts can be delivered to users via their cell phones, PDAs and e-mail so users can quickly evaluate posted rack prices against indexes, contracts, spot markets, rack lows and averages. DTN Fuel Buyer also offers unique analysis tools so buyers can identify the optimum supplier and rack for a multi-product load. Buyers can configure and save common load configurations to quickly pick and order their best options.

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