Better Baked Foods

Better Baked Foods

Better Baked Foods specializes in manufacturing consistently high quality, frozen bread based, hand held pizza and snack foods. With flexible manufacturing centers providing custom wrapping and packaging alternatives to the Product Development Support group, Better Baked Foods can provide a wide array of product capabilities and operationally efficient solutions. Products are engineered to be quickly reconstituted in the latest equipment technology including: Turbo Chef "Tornado," Impinger belt ovens, microwave & combi thermal, as well as conventional & convectional, deck and toaster ovens. Better Baked Foods, Inc. product line includes a wide selection of pizzas including: par baked rounds, kid’s minis, 7" x 9" thin crust, flat breads, as well as breakfast and dessert pizza. Some new product toppings include Buffalo Style Chicken, Chicken Chipotle, BBQ Chicken, Teriyaki, Asian,Mexican, Steak & Cheese, Beef & Broccoli, Bruschetta, Roasted Vegetables, Cheeseburger, Scrambled Eggs, Diced Potato among the more traditional toppings.

Better Baked Foods Inc.


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