Master-Bilt unveils the new MRS series modular multi compressor refrigeration system to save energy and reduce in-store heat and noise. By remoting all refrigeration systems to a single MRS system in their stores, retailers can remove the heat producedby multiple refrigeration systems from their kitchen or store and reduce their air-conditioning load. This outside system, typically roof-mounted, also reduces noise level and extends the life of equipment. Each system is composed of upto 14 individual modules including a compressor and refrigeration components pre-piped to a condenser coil. If necessary, a coil section can be replaced without shutting down the entire system. MRS units are pre-wired to an electrical panel for one-point connection allowing simple, cost-effective installation and service. MRS systems are pre-piped to a central location with a single roofpenetration point, thereby reducing installation costs and chances of roof leakage.

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