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“Thin Threads—Real Stories of Life Changing Moments” is a unique book series published and distributed by Kiwi Publishing. Thin Threads Special Editions are now available with a customized point-of-purchase (P-O-P) display. The P-O-P has a small footprint (11-inches by 11-inches) and can fit well close to the coffee station, a counter or a shelf. The display is pre-packed with 60 books; no assembly or stocking required. Each rack holds 60 books (10 of each title), but can also be delivered with 36 books (six of each). Each book contains 10 heart-warming stories. At a price point of $6.95, the Thin Threads Special Editions are affordable across all consumer levels. Margins range from 40%-65%. The books can act as greeting card alternatives. With several special editions there is a book for everyone.

Kiwi Publishing
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