Gas Island Vending

The first gas island vending solution now is available at selected WilcoHess locations in North Carolina. WilcoHess LLC, an operator of travel plazas and convenience stores in the Southeastern U.S., has collaborated with Allied Electronics, a provider of service station automation systems, The Pinnacle Corp., an automation technology and software supplier, and Vendgogh LLC, a provider of integrated gas island vending solutions, to bring a patented gas island cold drink vending solution to the Raleigh, N.C. marketplace. Vending at the pump is intended to create a new buying zone expected to add incremental sales and enhance gas customers’ overall buying experience. Research has shown up to 70% of convenience store customers buy only gas at the gas island and do not venture into the store. This integrated gas island vending solution will expand the service available to gas customers and will feature the most popular selling cold drinks at each of the participating locations.

Vendgogh LLC


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