Churro Fries

Looking for an innovative, versatile new product feature on your appetizer and dessert menus? J&J Snack Foods introduces TIO PEPE’S Churro Fries—authentic churros in a fun, new shape. Rolled in cinnamon sugar, TIO PEPE’S Churro Fries offer the perfect anytime item. Bite-size/mini offerings were ranked the No. 4 trend on the “What’s Hot” Chef’s Survey as published by the National Restaurant Association. TIO PEPE’S Churro Fries offer a convenient grab-n-go / finger food offering, a format that communicates ‘comfort food’ to consumers. TIO PEPE’S Churro Fries are conveniently packed in four 108 count bags, with cinnamon sugar included in each bag. A branded TIO PEPE’S Churro Fries holder is also available.

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