AriZona to the Rescue

AriZona Beverage Co. has launched RESCUE Water, a new line of enhanced waters filled with a proprietary blend of Twinlab vitamins and antioxidants. It comes in four flavors, each of which corresponds to a different function. Berry Blend helps the body to relax; Lemon-Lime assists in supplying energy; Orange Citrus supports liver function so the body can detox; and Pomegranate Punch aids the body in building immunity. The line contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors, and is sweetened with Reb A, a natural sweetener from the Stevia plant. Each beverage has only 25 calories per eight-ounce serving and is currently available in 20.5-ounce PET bottles made by Constar. Bottles feature new DiamondClear oxygen scavenging technology that protects the product within from oxygen, which can degrade the quality of a beverage and impair the nutrients inside. Suggested retail price is $1.39 to $1.89 per bottle.

AriZona Beverage Co.


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