Wawa Kicks Off Go 4th and Learn

Wawa Welcome America’s Go 4th and Learn series kicked off this week with an interactive event showcasing Philadelphia and Wawa history on June 28.

Go 4th and Learn is a three-part educational series for children and their families held in the week leading up to July 4 as part of the Wawa Welcome America Festivities.

The event on June 28 featured Historical Story Time with tales of historic Philadelphia told by storytellers stationed throughout the park, including the likes of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Wawa President and CEO Howard Stoeckel.

During the event Wawa, which is the title sponsor for Welcome America, featured a special dairy station that gave kids and parents a look into Wawa’s lengthy dairy history, through an interactive and hands-on exhibit.

Attendees were invited to travel back in time with Stoeckel to 1902 when Wawa Dairy Farms first opened and learn about the evolution of the Wawa Dairy, including  how milk was packaged, processed and transported in the past compared to how it is done today.

Wawa’s Dairy Station included a simulated cow milking station; photos highlighting 100 years of Wawa Dairy history; photo opportunities alongside a WWI-era Wawa Antique Dairy Truck; Wawa milk bar featuring tastings of chocolate milk, strawberry milk and skim milk; and face painting, craft and interactive games.

Wawa Dairy Farms opened in 1902, with a commitment to sell milk bottled under sanitary conditions from cows certified as healthy and disease-free. As the years went by Wawa evolved from a milk plant to a dairy to the convenience store chain we all know today, and throughout these past 100 years, Wawa’s milk and dairy products have always remained a staple in its offering.

In addition to the About History lesson, an About Science and an About Art lesson are being held on June 29 and June 30, respectively.




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