Aloha Petroleum Revamps Security

Aloha Petroleum, an independently-owned retail gasoline marketer and convenient store operator in Hawaii, has added SonicWALL’s advanced line of network security and data protection solutions.

“We needed a state-of-the-art security infrastructure that can be centrally managed to eliminate intruders from accessing our networks or crossing the gateways,” said Dwight Mascowe, IT support specialist at Aloha Petroleum. “We chose SonicWALL because it has proven to be the best in and out of its class. The ease-of-use and sophistication of systems are outstanding and can easily be scaled to grow with our network and IT infrastructure.”

Aloha Petroleum supports more than 30 Aloha Island Marts and company stores, 50+ fueling locations, two fuel storage terminals and a fleet of fuel transport vehicles. With nearly 400 employees accessing the computer systems from all across the state. SonicWALL now serves as the gateway that protects both Aloha Petroleum’s main office and its remote sites. With the help of its partner, Technology Integration Group (TIG), Aloha Petroleum has deployed most of the SonicWALL family of products, including:

-Advanced, multi-layer network security. Aloha Petroleum has deployed SonicWALL’s TZ 200 network security system to better protect the corporate network against risks such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing attacks, emerging threats and Internet misuse.

-Secure, remote access. Aloha Petroleum has installed SonicWALL’s TZ 210s at the marts and fueling locations for remote access to corporate documents, e-mail and the intranet, as well as fuel orders and delivery that utilizes Web-based applications.

 -Improved firewall and web usage control. SonicWALL’s 3500 Network Security Appliance (NSA) has been deployed for improved firewall protection, to control Web usage and to provide a content filter that blocks porn, MySpace, Facebook and other social media sites.

-Strengthened PCI Compliance. Using Cisco 1811 on the Point of Sale network, Aloha also leveraged SonicWALL advanced standards for POS protection, allowing them to stay in compliance with PCI standards. The company was able to easily configure the DMZ on SonicWALL, providing Aloha Petroleum an additional layer of security for its internal network.

“The biggest benefits we have seen since deploying SonicWALL’s systems are ease-of-use, significantly decreased down time and improved control of our e-mail security. The SonicWALL TZ 200 blocks at least 12,000 viruses or spam emails a day, and our employees like the fact that they can review all e-mail addresses without having them blocked outright or having good addresses junked. In addition, the daily reports alert us on bandwidth allocation and allow us to see at what times Internet usage is peaking and which Web sites are accessed the most. The executives are extremely happy with SonicWALL. It is a solution that definitely works,” said Mascowe.




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