Summer “Sub-tacular”

Quick Chek is kicking off the first official day of summer with thousands of its customers as it proclaims the day Quick Chek’s Summer “Sub-tacular” Day.

Customers visiting any Quick Chek location Monday, June 21 between 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. can receive a Quick Chek stamp on their hand. Upon returning to the store the same day between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. and presenting their hand stamp, customers will be treated to a free six-inch sub. Customers can select a Turkey & Ham Melt; Original Toasted Italian; Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork; Crispy Buffalo Chicken; or Tuscan Veggie Melt.

“Whether enjoying a picnic in the park, lunch on the beach or a snack beside the pool, subs are truly the official food of summertime fun. That’s why we are ushering in the start of the season with our first annual Summer Sub-tacular Day, sharing our favorite sub varieties with our thousands of customers,” said John Schaninger, vice president of sales and merchandising for Quick Chek, which operates more than 120 retail locations in New Jersey and southern New York.

What’s more, Quick Chek customers now have their chance to create the next great signature sub sandwich. From Monday, June 14 until Sun., Sept. 5, those visiting can creatively build and submit their very own sub sandwich recipe. All recipe entries will be evaluated by Quick Chek food experts along with peers via an online voting mechanism, with one sub having the chance to become an official Quick Chek sub featured throughout all Quick Chek locations. 




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