Lucky Deuces Selects FuelQuest

Lucky Deuces Casino and Truck Stop has signed a five year contract with FuelQuest Inc., a software services company for the global downstream energy industry.

FuelQuest Fuel Center, FuelQuest’s outsourced fuel management service, will source, monitor, replenish, and reconcile retail motor fuel for Lucky Deuces’ growing establishment in Duson, La. Lucky Deuces’ goal is to provide competitive gasoline prices to the trucking community and Duson residents.

With Fuel Center, Lucky Deuces Casino and Truck Stop will outsource fuel management to optimize retail fuel inventory, decrease operational expenses and reduce the costs of procuring and managing fuel purchases. Typically a larger enterprise fuel buying strategy, Lucky Deuces seized the opportunity to adopt industry best practices now and continue to focus on the fast-growth areas of their business.

“FuelQuest is pleased to collaborate with Lucky Deuces on their fuel management strategy,” said Ryan Mossman, vice president and general manager for Fuel Center. “Our work with smaller, independent fuel retailers validates our continued effort to provide best in class fuel management solutions for the entire industry.”

Lucky Deuces is a Roady’s Truck Stop location. Roady’s Truck Stops are located in 45 states with nearly 300 retail locations.





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