Starbucks Flavored Coffee Reaches Supermarkets

Starbucks Corp. flavored coffee is headed to U.S. grocery stores this June, BusinessWeek reported.

Customers will have the chance to buy vanilla, caramel and cinnamon flavored varieties from Starbuck’s new Natural Fusions line to brew at home. The 11-ounce packages will be available for a suggested retail price of $8.99.

About 60% of Starbucks customers reportedly drink flavored coffee. Starbucks is expanding the availabilty of products, including packaged beans and bottled lattes, to help revive revenue, which fell 6% in the year ended September 2009, BusinessWeek noted.

Starbucks’s Via powdered coffee also is being offered through more locations, and was introduced in Japan last month. Sales of Via are expected to top $1 billion worldwide.

The company reported first-quarter results in April that exceeded analysts’ projections, bolstered by Via and more visits from customers. 




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