Kwik Trip Adds Blockbuster Express

Kwik Trip is adding NCR’s Blockbuster Express kiosks in more than 300 of its locations throughout Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, increasing Blockbuster Express availability in the Midwest in addition to existing presence in markets such as Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis.

Kwik Trip customers will be able to rent their favorite new and classic DVD titles 24 hours a day from outdoor DVD-rental kiosks. With a simple swipe of their credit card, customers will have access to a wide selection of popular DVDs available for only $1 per night per rental. Customers can keep the DVDs as long as they want, and return their selections to any Blockbuster Express kiosk.

“Kwik Trip stores take pride in offering customers immediate access to quality and economical products in a highly mobile environment,” said Bob Thorud, vice president of operations, Kwik Trip. “We work as an extension of our customers’ families, offering relevant services and products to fit their needs. Blockbuster Express-branded kiosks proved to be a perfect addition to our service offerings and, backed by NCR’s technology and expertise, will help us bring quality and affordable home entertainment to our customers and their families. We are looking forward to offering our customers the pleasure of renting DVDs through NCR’s Blockbuster Express-branded kiosks.”

“NCR’s Blockbuster Express-branded kiosks are bringing efficiency, ease of use and entertainment to consumers,” said Alex Camara, vice president and general manager of NCR Entertainment. “Our DVD-rental kiosk deployments continue to rise as c-stores such as Kwik Trip realize the added value they can bring to customers while they make their purchases. By partnering with NCR, Kwik Trip is providing customers affordable and accessible family-friendly entertainment options to consumers across the U.S.”






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