Daily’s Adds Purple Stuff

Daily’s Convenience Stores in Tennessee now are offering Purple Stuff Soda. 

Purple Stuff Sodas is distributed by Lipman Brothers / R.S. Lipman Co. Together, the Lipman companies service restaurant and retail accounts, and function as an educational resource for both trade and consumer markets.

Purple Stuff is best known as a relaxation soda. “By switching from regular sodas to Purple Stuff, you just deleted caffeine and high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Feeling calmer? Next we have artesian water carrying anti-stress B-vitamins into the body and mind. After that, Purple Stuff only uses 100% FDA approved ingredients for use in food and beverages. These ingredients are proven to reduce anxiety without causing drowsiness,” said Darrell Duchesneau CEO of Funktional Beverages. He added the beverage is has 50 calories per serving and is approved for diabetics.  

Daily’s Convenience Stores, a locally owned and operated partnership between Kimbro Oil Co. and The Parman Corp., has more than 100 locations throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.







  1. Daily’s Stores in TN carries the 16oz. cans of Purple Stuff as well as the 3 oz. shots and sells a lot per store per week as these items bring in foot traffic as the market is not saturated with this drink, but it has a huge following.
    See the Purple stuff facebook fans… well over 130,000
    The stores are slated to start selling 12 pack cases of Purple Stuff as the young people have Purple Stuff parties.
    Highly recommend this anti-anxiety soda.

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