New Software Monitors Gas Island Vending

Vendgogh LLC has announced the first release of its VendTrack network monitoring software, which enables c-stores to monitor the operations of Vendgogh’s integrated gas island vending systems.

Vendgogh’s gas island vending solution helps convenience stores sell cold drinks to gas-only customers who typically stop for gas but don’t go into the store. Research has shown that up to 70% of convenience store customers fit this profile.

VendTrack Web-based software is expected to help Vendgogh and its convenience store customers ensure a new level of customer satisfaction while delivering expanded services at the gas island.

“With VendTrack, we are able to monitor every installed vending system, track sales, inventory levels and machine malfunctions, guard against out of stock situations and provide a high degree of reliability,” said Tim Stickney, vice president or technology at Vendgogh.

Vendgogh’s solution is designed to increase convenience store sales and customer loyalty while transforming the gas island into a buying zone.




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