GACS Offers Lighting Retrofit Fund

The Georgia Association of Convenience Stores (GACS) has introduced a new GACS Lighting Retrofit Fund for members that will provide financing for energy-saving lighting retrofits to convenience stores-all with no out of pocket costs, NACS reported.

GACS expects that the fund will provide for retrofits for between 50-80 locations in 2010. The association plans to select the projects that based on several factors including ones that can achieve the most energy savings for the least cost and the financial stability of the applicant.

Funding for this program comes through a grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in cooperation with the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority. The grant was provided to Outlaw Consulting working in partnership with GACS.

Those interested in being considered to participate in the program must apply by June 1, 2010.

Companies selected will be required to make payments equal to the actual savings from projects over 18 months, but after the 18-month period, the lighting retrofit and the resulting savings will be theirs to keep. Once projects are completed, and payments are received based on the resulting savings, these payments will be used to complete additional projects.

GACS also plans to ask those selected to sign up for the Governors Energy Challenge (committing to a 15% reduction in energy usage), to post signage about the project on-site and to maintain membership in GACS.

The primary contractor for lighting services will be Energy & Environment LLC. Services will include lighting upgrades, lighting control systems, utility billing audit services and assistance with any related incentives. 




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