Odwalla Helps Build Fruitful Future For Haiti

The ongoing recovery efforts in Haiti soon will be energized by the newest beverage from Odwalla, which plans to donate 100% of the profit from sales of its new Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid.

The donation will help provide training and better market access to 25,000 mango farmers in Haiti as part of a long-term investment in the country’s economic development.

Odwalla’s contributions will aid Haiti’s recovery from January’s devastating earthquake and support the island nation’s long-term reconstruction as part of the Haiti Hope Project, a large-scale, five-year initiative spearheaded by The Coca-Cola Co.

“Odwalla is all about sustainable living and doing good things for the community, and the Haiti Hope Project fits perfectly with our mission,” said Chris Brandt, vice president of marketing, Odwalla. “This isn’t a one-time donation. This is a long-term commitment that will gain strength with every refreshing Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid enjoyed by thirsty consumers.”

Currently, it is estimated that Haiti reaps only 20% of the potential value of its mango sector-one of the country’s top three exports. The Haiti Hope Project brings together a coalition of private and public sector partners and will be implemented by TechnoServe, a non-profit that empowers entrepreneurs in the developing world. The Project will create opportunities for 25,000 Haitian mango farmers to double their incomes, with a focus on growing crops more efficiently and improving their access to markets.

In addition, the Haiti Hope Project will support research to identify mango varieties best suited for processing into juice, encouraging investments in local juice processing capacity and improvements in related transportation infrastructure. Haitian mango farmers also will receive technical training and guidance on how to diversify their income-generating activities and ensure responsible environmental and labor practices at the farm level.

“We invite everyone to raise a bottle to a more fruitful future for Haiti,” Brandt said. “It’s a perfect opportunity to savor some real Odwalla goodness while doing something good at the same time.”

The launch of Odwalla’s Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid is the first in a series of initiatives by The Coca-Cola Co. that will support the Haiti Hope Project over the next several years. Through sales of its new flavor, Odwalla hopes to raise more than $500,000 to benefit the cause. The introduction of the new product is being supported by reallocating resources and leveraging several of The Coca-Cola Co.’s existing advertising assets. Marketing efforts will include the Coca-Cola Outdoor Digital Advertising Network, as well as targeted print and online campaigns.

Available in 15.2 ounce grab-n-go recyclable plastic bottles as well as half-gallon sizes, Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid is available in the refrigerated section of natural food stores, select supermarkets and specialty outlets throughout the U.S.





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