Mesa Considers Law To Make C-stores Safer

Mesa, Ariz., is taking steps to make c-stores safer. 

Of the roughly 100 convenience stores in Mesa, police reported 10 of them generated as many calls as the others combined, ABC 15 News reported. 

“It has to do with a lot of things. Where do you put your product, how you secure your product, how accessible it is, what can you see coming into the store, what can you see if you were on the inside looking out,” said Assistant Chief Mike Denney. 

City leaders are working on a proposal to help eliminate the spike in crime. The law could require stores 10,000 square feet or smaller to improve security by adding cameras, better lighting and improving visibility.

Some store owners argue that due to the economy, they can’t afford expensive security upgrades and some worry that if the law goes into effect it could put them out of business. 

City leaders are still working on the proposal and the city council is not expected to vote on the issue until later this summer.


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