Dos Equis Launches 18 Pack In Texas

Dos Equis, the fastest growing import brand among top imports and primary driver of import category growth in the Texas food channel, is raising the stakes even higher with the introduction of the Dos Equis Lager 18 Pack. The new pack capitalizes on two key trends in the Lone Star State: the continued explosion in popularity of Dos Equis and the increase in consumer take-away of larger import packs.

Over the past 12 months, 18 packs and larger import packages have rung in as the fastest-growing packs in the category with case volume up 55%. As a result of the larger pack sales and share growth, Texas food stores have increased their promotional support of 18 packs by an estimated 33% resulting in even greater consumer exposure and interest.

“We’re very excited to introduce the Dos Equis Lager 18 pack for our Texas Grocery trade partners and Texas consumers,” said Paul Smailes, brand director for Dos Equis, Heineken USA. “The 18 pack will provide our most loyal consumers with the greater convenience and value for their money that this pack has to offer. In our markets that have the strongest distribution and velocity, this new larger pack will offer food stores. the opportunity to drive profitability by capitalizing on the hottest import brand and the huge growth the larger pack category.”

Dos Equis sales in Texas continue to outpace the import and domestic competition with Lager up over 19% and Ambar up nearly 3%. The Dos Equis Lager 12 pack is currently the fastest growing import SKU in Texas food, trending at +23%. Smailes added, “Dos Equis’ impressive performance in Texas and elsewhere, has been the result of organic growth and minimal package expansion. We anticipate the pack will bring incremental volume and even greater success for the brand and the trade with the launch of a new pack size that Texas consumers are embracing.”

Dos Equis Lager 18 packs will be available in Texas food stores beginning in April 2010.


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