CFF Attacks Proposed NYC Fast Food Zoning Policies

This week the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) fired back against New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who vowed Tuesday to pursue fast-food zoning policies in NYC’s poorer neighborhoods, following in the footsteps of cities such as Los Angeles and London.

“Fast-food zoning is just the latest example of a broad agenda by NYC’s paternalistic officials to restrict what New Yorkers eat and drink. This agenda also includes other nanny-state policies currently being pushed by city bureaucrats, such as taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, salt and margarine (trans fat) bans,” according to CFF.

“It seems like New York politicians are trying to see who can outdo each other when it comes to regulating what New Yorkers eat,” said J. Justin Wilson, senior research analyst at the Center for Consumer Freedom. “Despite most New Yorkers knowing the difference between a banana and a banana split, New York City officials seem dead-set on demonizing and regulating every aspect of New Yorkers’ food and beverage choices.”

Wilson continued, “The single-minded belief of Quinn and other city officials that child obesity is only caused by ‘calories in’ completely disregards scientific research which has shown time and again that the solution for childhood obesity is much more complex than any single feel-good policy can solve.”








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