Stripes Works Toward Energy Efficiency

More than 440 Stripes c-stores throughout Texas are becoming more energy efficient and stand to collect up to $175,000 in rebates under TXU Energy’s Energy Efficiency Rebate Program.

The 29-month contract represents an annual load of 155,000 MWh-enough to power 8,600 homes-at more than 440 Stripes stores primarily located in West and South Texas. Under the rebate program, many of the stores will upgrade their HVAC controls, retrofit fluorescent lighting fixtures, and implement LED lighting technology inside freezers and under exterior canopies.

“The rebate program not only provides strong incentives for our convenience stores to be more energy efficient, but it also helps us do our part to make a positive impact on the environment,” said Mary Sullivan, CFO for Stripes. “We look forward to seeing how this program and our efforts to switch out lighting in our stores and upgrading to more energy efficient air conditioners throughout West and South Texas impacts the bottom line.”

Under the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program, Stripes has received rebates for retrofitting T12 fluorescent fixtures with more efficient T8s and replacing less efficient lighting fixtures with LED canopy fixtures, and installing TXU Energy exclusive internet accessible iThermostats in a few test stores.

Business customers interested in the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program must sign a minimum 12 month contract with TXU Energy and install proven energy-efficiency technologies, including fluorescent fixture retrofits, LED exit signs, programmable thermostats and high-efficiency HVACs. TXU Energy is the only retail electricity provider in the state to provide this type of energy rebate program to businesses looking to help the environment.

“Our rebate program was designed to help our business customers be more environmentally conscious,” said Tom Leverton, COO for TXU Energy. “Businesses are not only looking to improve their bottom line, but also help the environment. Our rebate program helps them accomplish both.”

Stripes LLC, the retail arm of Susser Holdings Corporations, operates more than 520 retail convenience stores in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.





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