Sheetz Adds Blockbuster Express DVD Rental

Sheetz is adding Blockbuster Express-branded DVD-rental kiosks at nearly all 365 locations, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The rollout is one of the biggest so far in NCR Corp.’s efforts to have some 10,000 kiosks operating by year end through its partnership with Blockbuster Inc. (BBI). The current number is about 4,000.

“Entertainment for us is one of our emerging businesses-one that we’re very focused on and one that we’re very invested in,” said Alex Camara, vice president and general management of NCR Entertainment.

The company spent $60 million last year to grow the entertainment business, including buying two other leading kiosk operators. And it has said it wants to be the global leader in self-service entertainment. That could include not only movies but also music and books, and it could mean NCR expands into other forms of delivering entertainment, including digital and by-mail services.

The Blockbuster has “been very strong in terms of getting the customers to use us quickly. That was another piece for Sheetz that was important. They (customers) know the brand; they like the brand, ” Camara said.

NCR has also been pleased with test results of kiosks that can provide digital movie downloads onto secure-digital, or SD, memory cards for play on devices such as laptops. NCR is shopping the technology to other retailers who may want to offer their own digital-download services in stores.





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