PDI and Acumera Form Alliance To Serve C-store Industry

PDI and Acumera have entered into a joint marketing and technology development agreement to optimize the deployment and use of Acumera’s advanced managed network services.

“Acumera’s network integration services connect all store systems to a secure, PCI-compliant broadband network to reduce telecommunications costs and simplify remote support,” said Dirk Heinen, CEO and co-founder of Acumera. “In addition to sophisticated network design and management, companies use Acumera’s managed network services to integrate data systems, such as automatic tank gauges to better manage fuel operations and increase operational productivity.”

“Acumera’s managed network solution allows PDI customers to not only monitor network performance, but access and manage most of the electronic devices found in today’s convenience store. With a centrally-managed, secure network and these unique Acumera capabilities, our joint customers will be able to take Doing Business Electronically to a whole new level,” said Greg Gilkerson, PDI’s founder and president.

PDI (www.profdata.com) provides software, hardware, and professional services to leading convenience retailers and wholesale petroleum marketers. Worldwide, over 330 companies operating over 23,000 retail locations rely on PDI’s systems for retail automation, fuel and warehouse management, business intelligence, financial reporting, and workforce management.

Acumera Inc., based in Austin, Texas, provides comprehensive network integration, products and management services for convenience store and wholesale petroleum sites. Acumera’s network management services help companies reduce expenses and increase operational effectiveness. To learn more about Acumera and its services, visit www.acumera.net or call (512) 473-2290, x114.






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