Family Express To Reward Customers With F.E. Perks

Family Express, which operates stores in northwest and north central Indiana, is taking another step forward in its quest to delight customers by turning their purchases inside the store into savings at the pump.

The new “F.E. Perks” program will kick off at all Family Express stores in April and it will be based on advanced priced rollback technology capable of providing instant cents off per gallon rewards at the pump.

Here’s how it works: Customers who enroll in the F.E. Perks program will receive an F.E. member card. With the card, they can save cents per gallon for every qualified item they purchase in the stores. The customer chooses the time of redemption and by swiping their F.E. Perks member card, the price per gallon on the pump rolls back by the amount of the customer’s accumulated rewards. Signing up for the program is free.

“We never stop looking for new ways to provide our customers with more value,” said Family Express President and CEO Gus Olympidis. “At a time when many of our loyal customers are counting pennies, we wanted to give them a helpful and simple way to save. Earning and redeeming F.E. Perks is our way of saying thank you for your business to our customers and bringing them back.”

The F.E. Perks discounts are valid for one use, up to a predetermined amount of gallons. After customers redeem their rewards, they start earning a new discount based on their qualifying in-store purchases. Customers may check their receipt for their F.E. Perks rewards balance by visiting or by calling a toll-free number.

Family Express is collaborating with MetroSplash Systems Group to create and manage the F.E. Perks program. Excentus, a recognized leader in loyalty marketing utilizing fuel rewards, is providing certain rights to its price-per-unit discount intellectual property as it relates to the F.E. Perks program through a licensing agreement.






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