BP Aims To Offer Price Rollback Technology Network-wide

BP Products North America Inc. plans to be the first fuel company in the U.S. to deliver price rollback technology that awards instant cents-off-per-gallon savings at the pump to consumers throughout its BP-branded network.

As of Jan. 31, more than 350 eligible sites have begun the BP-funded and managed technology deployment process with the remainder of the enrolled sites set to receive the software upgrades by year-end. This system-wide installation of price rollback functionality lays the foundation for large-scale consumer loyalty offers unique to BP.

“The rapid deployment of price rollback technology is at the heart of a number of innovations designed to appeal to time-starved consumers,” said Linda Bartman, BP Fuels marketing communications director.  “Busy consumers expect instant access to information and fuel rewards,” Bartman said.  “Price rollback at the pump along with other innovations we are piloting like TV at the pump and free Wi-Fi will provide branded marketers with the technology platform to give consumers just that.”

By rolling out price rollback technology throughout the entire BP-branded retail network in the U.S., BP expects to leverage the scale of its 10,000-site network to create loyalty programs with simple, easy to understand redemption locations. BP expects the size and broad geographic reach of its retail network to make it the preferred redemption outlet for grocers and other retailers offering cents-off fuel rewards. BP is also looking at expanding the price-rollback functionality to its ARCO-branded sites on the West Coast, offering the possibility of coast-to-coast loyalty programs.

Deployment of this loyalty program software will be a year-long process, according to David VanWiggeren, manager of card marketing. “We are committed to helping our qualified branded marketers drive traffic, build consumer loyalty and increase revenue by executing a carefully planned deployment process,” VanWiggeren said.  “Deploying technology across a network of 10,000 sites takes time, but with 93% of fuel locations already enrolled and a dedicated deployment team, we are well on our way to reaching completion by the end of this year.”

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance recently named the BP Visa the best gasoline credit card for the fourth year in a row. Building on this momentum, BP is planning to offer a newly redesigned BP Visa and BP Card with instant cents-off-per gallon rewards.

With the newly redesigned BP Visa and BP card, credit cardholders will be able to accrue cents-off-per-gallon fuel rewards when they make everyday purchases on the card, which can be redeemed easily at BP locations.  BP is finalizing the specifics of this new offer and will unveil details and timing in the coming months.

Other retailers can also use BP’s price rollback functionality to incentivize consumers using fuelperks!, the nation’s leading cents-off-per-gallon fuel reward coalition .  BP recently signed an agreement with Excentus Corporation, the operator of fuelperks!, to become the preferred redemption network for future issuers of fuelperks!.

BP already has more than 200 BP fuel locations in the Midwest and East Gulf Coast markets  actively participating with grocer members in the fuelperks! program.  BP’s latest launch of fuelperks! was with Bi-Lo in Charlotte, N.C., allowing consumers to earn a five-cent-per gallon reward at participating Bi-Lo grocery stores for every fifty dollars spent.  Rewards accumulate and can be redeemed instantly at BP sites in the area.

BP markets more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline every year to U.S. consumers through more than 11,000 BP and ARCO branded retail outlets and supplies more than four billion gallons of fuel annually to fleets, industrial users, auto and truck manufacturers, railroads and utilities.





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