American Airlines Center Opens 7-Eleven Franchise

American Airlines Center (AAC) is in final negotiations with the Dallas-based convenience store chain to open a 7-Eleven store accessible from inside and outside the building, the Dallas Morning News reported.

AAC, home to the Mavericks and Stars professional sports teams, plans to place the 7-Eleven at the arena’s northeast corner near its parking garage, could have the store open and ready for business by as early as March. At about 1,800 square feet, this 7-Eleven will be smaller than a typical 2,500-square-foot location.

To start, the c-store will be open during events, or about 200 days of the year, said Joe Skenderian, AAC’s vice president of business development. “As the area around us grows, being open all the time will definitely be an option.”

The store will sell beer, although customers won’t be allowed to take the beer into the building. “Signs and staff will make that clear,” Skenderian noted.

AAC decided to add 7-Eleven because “fans already know what they can get there and it offers a value proposition,” Skenderian told the Dallas Morning News. “Slurpees, grab ‘n’ go cups of fruit, sandwiches, chips and other items that we don’t have adds to our offerings.”

7-Eleven expanded its hot food menu to include pizza, but this store won’t sell it because the center is already served by Pizza Patron. An exception was made for 7-Eleven’s Big Bite hotdogs, however.

7-Eleven has been in expansion mode, opening stores in New York City and other urban destinations as it adds to its hot and fresh food menus. 




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