C-Stores In Baltimore Contend With Snow

After a huge snow storm hit Baltimore and with more snow predicted to hit today and tomorrow, businesses are wonderng what the week will bring, WBALTV Baltimore reported.

Several grocery and convenience stores told the news station they can’t stock the shelves fast enough, and gas stations said they are running out of fuel.

The Washington-Maryland-Delaware Service Station Association said there’s concern that many stations are not going to get the deliveries they need due to the snow.

“Normally, we get a tank or load of gas every other day. We have now missed two days, almost three days. A lot of our stations are going to be short,” one station owner told the news channel.

“We get our food on Thursday. If we get snow on Tuesday or Wednesday, we won’t be able to get any more food. It’s killing us,” said Diego Mora, owner of the restaurant Mama’s Cucina.

The Maryland Retailers Association said because stores did a brisk business before the storm, many of the big box stores did not take a huge hit.





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